Protection Protocol for Sensitive Data of Mobile Agent in Multi-region Mobile Agent Computing Environment

M.S. Baik, M.G. Lee, H.S. Kim, and C.S. Hwang (Korea)


: distributed computing, mobile agent, post confirmation, protection protocol.


Mobile agent technology pushes the flexibility of dis tributed computing to its limits since not only computations are distributed dynamically, the code that performs them is also distributed. Mobile agent is not always safe. Espe cially, the leakage of its sensitive data by malicious host may cause the great harm to users of Mobile Agent Sys tems(MAS). In this paper, we focus on the protection proto col for of mobile agent in multi-region mobile agent com puting environment. To do this, we model the mobile agent execution and extract the new concept, post-confirmation. Using the post-confirmation concept, we propose the pro tection protocol for sensitive data of mobile agent in multi region mobile agent computing environment. Proposed pro tocol securely prevents the leakage and improper usage of sensitive data of mobile agent and solves the scalability problem in multi-region mobile agent computing environ ment.

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