A Novel Non Data-Aided Symbol Timing Recovery for OFDM Systems

A. J. Al-Dweik (Israel)


Symbol synchronization, symbol timing recovery, OFDM


A novel technique to recover symbol timing of OFDM systems is proposed. The proposed technique does not require cyclic prefix, pilot signals, training symbols, or any other supplementary data, this will significantly improve the system power and bandwidth efficiency. The proposed algorithm exploits the interference that results due to the loss of orthogonality between sub carriers where the variance of the resulted interference is proportional to the offset from the optimum sam pling point. The proposed technique does not require prior fine carrier synchronization and it is capable of extracting symbol timing at very low Eb/N0 values. Theoretical and simulation results have shown that symbol timing can be recovered for Eb/N0 as low as -3 dB, such performance is considered to be superior when it is compared to other techniques.

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