Efficient Handoff Method for Supporting Micro-mobility in Mobile IPv6

J.-H. Kim, S.-K. Youm, S.-H. Joung, and C.-H. Kang (Korea)


Mobile IP, HMIPv6, M&M, TRT, DR, and HSS


The Mobile IP, proposed in IETF, allows a Mobile Host(MH) to move from one link to another link without changing the MH's IP address for supporting IP mobility. Actually, Mobile IP lacks for the consideration of handoff. So, several solutions have been proposed as drafts to support handoff at MIP working group in IETF. For example, there are Hierarchical MIPv6 and Fast handoff for Mobile IPv6 etc. Unlike to Mobile IP, Multicast-based mobility (M&M) was proposed as another approach for IP mobility. We propose a network architecture in IP-based wireless networks. This network architecture could be simply implemented using Handoff Snooping Scheme (HSS) proposed in this paper. We harmonize both strengths of above-mentioned studies to improve performance for handoff. Also, we analyze simulation result and compare our scheme with HMIPv6.

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