SIP Session-based Access to Bluetooth Application Profiles

R. Liscano, H. Hu, and A. Jost (Canada)


Service Discovery, SIP, Bluetooth, SLP, Spontaneous Networking.


An approach is presented for the service discovery of Bluetooth application profiles during a SIP-based communication session. A system architecture and methodology is presented that leverages the IETF SIP protocol in order trigger a service discovery request between the end points in a session. The end points may support a Wireless Personal Area Network (WPAN) like Bluetooth, so that the end effect is the extension of the WPAN network across the Internet in a controlled and managed manner. The result is a mechanism that can support the exchange of Bluetooth service profiles between Bluetooth devices, a Bluetooth device and a PC, and/or a Bluetooth device and an IR device located at the end points of an IP network.

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