Performance Evaluation of an ATM Multimedia Multiplexer Using a Difference Equation Approach

H. Nassar (Egypt)


ATM Multiplexer, Multimedia Traffic, QoS, Discrete Pri ority Queues, Difference Equation


In this article we analyze the occupancy of a multiplexer operating in an ATM environment with multimedia traffic of two classes. Class-1 traffic, made up of real time cells, needs faster service by the multiplexer than class-2, made up of nonreal time cells. The multiplexer assigns class-1 cells preemptive service priority over class-2. To perform the analysis, the multiplexer is modelled as a discrete priority queueing system with single server and infinite buffer. The analysis is based on a difference, rather than stochastic, equations approach. Basically, the multiplexer dynamics are extracted by two coupled second order difference equations which are solved simultaneously using the generating function technique. This approach makes for faster tracking and easier visualization.

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