Design and Implementation of SAN-Based Distributed, Shared RAID Management System

K.-D. Kim, J.-Y. Choi, and S.-W. Kim (Korea)




The spread of Internet use is causing a fast change of business environment and a tremendous increase of the data quantity to be stored. Legacy storage systems have reached the limits in processing the exponentially increasing quantity of data. In order to solve this problem, SAN (Storage Area Network) was developed, which is a private high speed storage network based on the fibre channel network and provides high performance, high-scalability, and high-availability. In this paper, we propose a functional structure of SAN based distributed, shared RAID management system and present a management method and implementation result that are based on the proposed system structure. The management system is basically constructed by using the web technology familiar to general users and allows operators to manage the SAN- based distributed, shared RAID system independently of their positions and more efficiently.

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