Analysis of IPSec Services

S. Al-hajeri, M. Merabti, and B. Askwith (UK)


Security, Authentication, Denial of Service, IPSec, IKE.


IPSec offers protection to IP traffic. In order to achieve this goal, IPSec provides security services at the IP layer that enable a system to select security protocols, determine the algorithms to use, and put in place any cryptographic keys required. These set of services provide data integrity, data origin authentication, replay detection, data confidentiality, limited traffic confidentiality, and access control. This paper provides an in-depth analysis of IPSec services. In particular, this paper describes the purpose and analysis of IPSec protocols that provide these security services, and the standard key exchange protocol (IKE) for IPSec. We present different security issues of IPSec, and discuss the necessity of AH header and what services IPSec can provide without changing applications. Finally the conclusion, and research future work directions are presented.

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