Routing and Wavelength Assignment for Anycast in WDM Networks

M. Tang, W. Jia, H. Wang, and J. Wang (PRC)



This paper discusses a novel anycast routing and wave length assignment algorithm (ARWA) for static light path establishment in the wavelength division multiplex ing (WDM) networks with the wavelength continuity con straint, in which optical switches are wavelength selective (WS) switches. The algorithm aims at minimizing wave length number and controlling the maximal link load at the same time. The algorithm deals with ARAW in two approaches: (1) minimize the maximum times usage for all anycast requests in all links in route establishment; (2) a simple heuristic is applied on wavelength assignment for the route found based on the sequential coloring algo rithm. Simulations show that our algorithm attains good performance in wavelength assignment for set of anycast requests.

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