Performance Analysis and Enhancement of RF/Fiber Optical Interface for Microcellular Wireless Transceivers

S. Ghoniemy, L. MacEachern, and S. Mahmoud (Canada)


RF/Fiber interface, radio-over-fiber, laser modeling, analog optical transmission, optical link simulation.


In this paper a complete analysis of the RF/Fiber optical interface intended for microcellular wireless transceivers is presented. Dynamic and static operations of the Rf/Fiber interface are introduced. An enhanced semiconductor laser model incorporating gain nonlinearities, gain saturation, index nonlinearities, leakage current, thermal effects and noise effects is presented. The laser model enables the sim ulation of the transient and steady state dynamic character istics of laser diodes such as carrier, photon concentration, optical power, and phase. Using the proposed model, im portant laser characteristics such as relaxation-oscillation peak frequency, and modulation bandwidth are evaluated under different conditions and compared to published mea surement results. Analog optical transmission performance limitations such as laser diode nonlinearity and noise are determined in both the time and frequency domains.

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