Multiphysics Modelling Environment for Continuum and Discrete Dynamics

A.V. Smirnov


Multiparadigm simulation, physically based modelling, continuous and discrete methodology, 3-dimensional modelling


A model-development environment for simulation of discrete and continuum dynamics in complex 3D geometries is described. This environment is based on 3D libraries for manipulation of geometrical primitives, object-oriented multidomain modelling paradigm, continuum solvers on unstructured meshes, discrete particle solvers, and a tool-assisted grid generation technique. The numerical approach is based on combined control-volume and finite-element methods of continuum mechanics and Lagrangian particle dynamics method. Several prototype example cases of complex continuum mechanical systems are considered, such as flow in bifurcating channels, including particle transport and deposition, flow interactions with flexible membranes and rigid structures, and a simplified model of molecular dynamics represented by a system of particles and bonds.

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